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Have you ever thought about how San Diego HOG gets things done and wondered if you could help?  Have you conjectured you or someone you know could be a great Chapter Officer, maybe even do it better or not but would like to try?  Now’s your opportunity!  All Chapter Officer positions for 2017 are open for nominees, you can self-nominate or nominate someone else who will need to confirm interest.  All are volunteers, though there’s been a bit of metaphorical arm twisting and voluntolding in the past.

Nominees for the Primary Officer election should be named by 8pm of the monthly officer meeting September 27, 2016.  Just talk with or email one of the current primary officers, Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer, and Secretary regarding your interest or choice.  Candidates will be announced via an email blast and Facebook.

Elections for the two-year Primary Officer positions are to be held during the October 1, 2016 general meeting with winners announced at the end of the meeting.  For the first time you don’t have to be present to vote.  Absentee votes can be made by email to the group Secretary Joanne Y. no later than 11am October 1, 2016.

Discretionary Officers and Road Captains are not elected by the general membership.  If you’re interested in a one-year Discretionary Officer position for 2017 or currently hold one and would like to keep it, contact a Primary Officer by October 25, 2016.  Appointees will be announced prior to year-end. If you’re interested in being a Road Captain contact our Head Road Captain Bear P. when you’re ready, there’s no deadline.

Need information before committing?  The Chapter positions and responsibilities are listed below.  Looking for more?  Ask the person presently in the position, they’d be happy to discuss it with you.  You can find their names and contact information on our website; email or meet with them during an upcoming officers meeting (4th Tuesday of the month) or general meeting (1st Saturday of the month).

You ARE San Diego Harley Owners Group – RIDE AND HAVE FUN!

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Primary Chapter Officers


The duties and responsibilities shall be:

A.  Director: shall uphold the Chapter Charter, conduct Chapter meetings and coordinate Chapter officer responsibilities.

B.  Assistant Director: shall be responsible for promoting membership, membership orientation, membership retention, and keeping the Chapter members informed of H.O.G.® programs.

C.  Treasurer: shall be responsible for collecting and disbursing Chapter funds, reporting financial transactions to sponsoring Dealer / Retailer / Chapter Manager on a monthly basis, compliance with all revenue recording and reporting requirements.

D.  Secretary: shall be responsible for administering and maintaining meeting minutes, annual reports, membership reports on, insurance and legal documentation, event releases, and enrollment releases. These permanent records shall be kept at the sponsoring Dealership / Retail Store.


The Primary Officers shall be elected every two years by the membership.  Qualifications to be nominated for a Primary Officer position, a Member shall:

(1)   have completed one term as a Discretionary Officer

(2)   not be an officer of another motorcycle riding organization

(3)   not hold another Officer position within the Chapter, other than Road Captain and

(4)   be current in payment of Chapter dues.

Discretionary Chapter Officers


These officer positions are optional and at the discretion of the sponsoring Dealership / Retail Store. The duties and responsibilities of the Discretionary Chapter Officers may include:

A.  Activities Officer: directing and assisting in planning and administration Chapter events.

B.  Editor: assembling and organizing all forms of Chapter newsletter communications.

C.  Historian: preparing and maintaining an account of the history of the Chapter.

D.  Ladies of Harley Officer: encouraging women members to take an active part in Chapter activities.

E.  Long Distance Coordinator: assisting Road Captains with the logistics of long distance / over-night events.

F.  Membership Officer: actively participating in new member enrollment and manages Chapter membership roster.

G.  Merchandise Officer: maintaining Chapter branded store.

H.  Military Liaison: working as Chapter representative with local military branches on joint projects.

I.  Head Photographer: obtaining and organizing Chapter images for use in Chapter communications and Chapter history.

J.  Social Media Officer: maintaining all forms of SD HOG social media sites.

K.  Volunteer Coordinator: organizing volunteers for Chapter events.

L.  Webmaster: assembling and organizing material for the Chapter web site, social media sites (if applicable), and obtaining approval from the sponsoring Dealer / Retailer / Chapter-Dealer Liaison before publication.


Discretionary Officers shall be appointed by the Board of Directors for a one-year renewable term.  Qualifications for a Discretionary Officer position are:

(1)   be a member of the Chapter in good standing.

Road Captains


Road Captains positions are volunteers who have requested training and passed evaluation of their fellow Road Captains.  The duties and responsibilities of the Road Captains may include:

A.  Head Road Captain: maintaining ride schedule to ensure weekly rides are fully covered with the correct number of Road Captains, assisting Road Captains with route planning as needed, assisting Training Officer with both classroom and field training, conducting Road Captain meetings as needed.

B.  Road Captains including Head Road Captain: planning and assisting with routes and destinations for Chapter rides including ride write ups with route map and e-mailing in a timely manner for posting.

C.  Mentorship Officer: coordinating and participating in mentoring riders, those new to riding, new to group riding or just wanting to improve their riding abilities.

D.  Road Captain Training Officer:  implementing and teaching prospective Road Captain training curriculum.

E.  Safety Officer: providing Chapter members with information relating to riding safety and the availability of rider training.


Road Captains positions are self-renewing.  Qualifications required are:

(1)   be a member of the Chapter in good standing for one year prior to training completion

(2)  Mentorship, Training and Safety Officers, be a Road Captain for one year and approved by Head Road Captain

(3)  Head Road Captain, be a Road Captain for one year and elected by Road Captains.