Let’s Catch Up

If you didn’t make it to October’s General Meeting you missed a lot.

Fp1050044birst off Cindy’s Rum Cakes sold-out.  She made sixty 5.75″ X 3.25″ tins the night before with no help, seems it’s a secret family recipe she stoically guards.  I offered to help with my readers off so I couldn’t see the ingredient measures, just be a manual laborer, and was turned down, politely, but turned down as others have been in the past.  The money raised goes toward reducing the member ticket price for our Annual Christmas Party.  She’ll be making more at $5 each for the November meeting.  As Director Coffee mentioned, a few minutes of toasting a slice brings out a heavenly caramelization you just have to try.  We tried, would suggest not using a vertical toaster, big but delicious mistake.

Do you have Harley parts, memorabilia or clothes just taking up space?  Been meaning to post them to Craig’s List or EBay but never found the time.  San Diego HOG is setting up a booth at the upcoming San Diego Harley Davidson Swap Meet being held Saturday, October 22, 2016 10am – 3pm at the Morena Blvd. location.  Members (only) can bring motorcycle or riding related items (excluding whole bikes or anything that would discredit SDHD or HOG) on a first come first space available basis to the HOG Booth fee free to sell, swap or barter.  You bring it, you stay and sell it or you pack it home.  Contact Assistant Director Robin P. to let her know you’re interested and what you plan on bringing.


Election 2016 for Primary Officers is complete.  This year was the first time you could vote via email, a great opportunity to have if unable to do so  in person.  Being an active voice in the Chapter is important; it is only what we make it.  Our 2017-2018 Elected Primary Officers are:

Robin P. Director
Robin P. Director
Nathan W. - Asst Director
Nathan W. Asst. Director








Mike B. - Treasurer
Mike B. – Treasurer
Karen V. - Secretary
Karen V. – Secretary








One year Secondary Officer Positions are still open and are filled by appointment of the Primaries.  Interested or currently holding a position you would like to keep, contact a Primary Officer by October 25, 2016.  More information on the positions can be found in the September 16, 2016 blog post Dewy Defeats Truman.  2017 Appointees will be announced prior to year-end.

The Game is afoot for October and it’s called Coffee on a Stick,  “COAS.”  You may have notice stream of postings with a picture of a scarecrow with Coffee’s face showing up on Facebook.  The rules are simple, take a picture of with COAS (items listed on flyer require you in the picture with COAS) and email it to Activities Director Diane “Lola” T. to earn points and win prizes.  A minimum 50 points meets the eligibility requirement and winners will be announced at the November General Meeting.  Be creative, you may earn extra points for originality.



HOG Ride vs. Chapter Ride – At the September meeting Coffee discussed what a HOG Ride was and that it was covered under the H-D Chapter insurance.  There was some confusing about what he said so he cleared things up a bit.  A “Chapter Ride” is different from a “HOG Ride”, “HOG Sanctioned Ride” or “HOG Pickup Ride”.  A Chapter Ride is a ride open to chapter members & guests* and is designed for your enjoyment and safety, scheduled, provided for and officially listed on the Chapter Website Ride Page by our Road Captains.  There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes of a Chapter Ride.  A  “HOG Ride”, “HOG SanctionedorHOG Pickup Ride is a ride posted by a Chapter member on the private Chapter Facebook page and open to others.  Here’s a copy of a memo he sent out –

For clarification, I did not mean to imply that just because a ride is “HOG Sanctioned,” that it is a “Chapter Ride.”  HOG Sanctioned only means that you have H-D insurance covering the lead rider (and the Chapter) for liability reasons. A Chapter Ride is a ride that is put on by our illustrious team of RCs. Those rides are pre-planned, pre-ridden, and have several Road Captains working very hard to ensure that all riders are safe and that no one is ever left behind.

I had been asked about what National HOG recognizes as a HOG Sanctioned Ride, and that was what I was trying to explain.  San Diego HOG will still offer Chapter Rides and we will continue to ensure that the rides are planned and executed with everyone’s safety in mind.  The only rides that will be listed on the San Diego HOG Website, the weekly email blast, or the Chapter calendar will be Chapter Rides provided by a team of Road Captains.

So guys and gals, wanna ride on a day with no Chapter Ride planned, wanna see who wants to ride with you and be covered by H-D insurance?  Post your information including meeting place, date, time and a description of the route on the private San Diego HOG Facebook page.  Use the key words “Pickup Ride” to prevent any confusion with a Chapter Ride and don’t forget those signed releases for non-members of San Diego HOG if possible.

*Guests are allowed, one member to one guest.  A guest or non-member must sign a ride waiver to participate in a Chapter Ride and to the best of ability for a Pickup Ride.  The waivers can be found in the Members Only section of the San Diego Hog website.  The section password is noted in the weekly email blast.

As many of you know we have participated in an annual Christmas Party for the children of Saint Vincent De Paul for a while now.  This year things have changed a bit, but not for the children.  We, as a HOG Chapter, will still be going toy shopping on November 19, 2016, we will still be escorting the children on December 1, 2016 and we will still be watching the wonder on the young faces as Santa arrives and they get to choose presents for themselves.  The only thing that has changed is where the funds come from.  No longer will the monies for the toy shopping be coming out of the Chapter funds.  Over the years the rules have been clarified by National HOG and this is something we can no longer do.  The funds for this event will be raised elsewhere.  If you wish to help contact Activities Director Diane “Lola” T. or Assistant Director Robin P. for details, they will be glad to answer your questions.

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This month’s host to Harley Hog is Randy K. who’s been memorializing in pictures HH’s every move on Facebook and I do mean EVERY!  The paparazzi could take lessons.